White Label, File Sync and Share Solution For Managed Service Providers

Replace Soonr for the MSP file sync and share market space free trial

Here is why Databox is better than Soonr

First of all, Databox offers greater flexibility by providing both self-hosted and hosted solutions, as compared to Soonr’s hosted-only solution. For Soonr and AutoTask customers that are looking for the increased security, control and compliance of a self-hosted solution, Databox is the right fit.

Secondly, after AutoTask’s acquisition of Soonr to create the AutoTask Workplace, there were pricing changes; the partner strategy and relationships changed; and the development and issue fixing cycle changed. Databox is a better alternative for the stability of both the product and the partner relationship.

Finally, for ConnectWise customers who were using Soonr in the past, there may be a conflict of interest when using ConnectWise as a PSA tool, but also using a Workspace solution from AutoTask. Databox is here to help with the peace of mind.

Here are some of the features you may find interesting.

Native File System Driver for Selective Sync

The Databox Windows and Mac clients are based on a true file system driver, which makes it is more intuitive for the following features

  • On Demand Sync – you can sync files on demand when the file is opened.
  • Selective Sync – you can mark folder offline
  • Native Drive Letter Integration in Windows Explorer
  • Native Volume in Mac Finder
Native File System Driver for Selective Sync
Native NTFS Integration

Native NTFS Integration

Databox integrates with Active Directory and can delegate access check 100% to NTFS network share

  • Files and folder access control can integrate 100% to NTFS access control
  • Access control can detail to single file based on NTFS permission
  • Replace VPN and get rid of VPN related headaches and tickets

Granular Access Controls for Team Folders

Databox provides team folders with granular permission controls

  • users can have read/write/owner permission at team folder level
  • users can have read/write/list/delete at sub folder level
  • For self-hosted CentreStack, NTFS granular control is 100% integrated
Granular Access Controls for Team Folders
Enterprise Grade Security, Control, Customization and Scalability

Enterprise Grade Security, Control, Customization and Scalability

Databox is deployed by enterprise organizations having 250K+ users

  • Proven scalability for the whole organization of 250K+ users
  • Enterprise grade security and control with fine granularity of group policies
  • End-to-end customization and branding support

Easily Switch to Databox

When you are looking for a Soonr replacement solution or a Soonr alternative solution, switching from Soonr to Databox is easy. Heres how.

  • Sync down all folders and files from Soonr
  • Attach the Soonr folder to Databox once
  • Files and folders sync to Databox
Easily Switch to Databox