About Databox

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Databox is a privately-held Canadian based software company focused on Cloud Computing.

Databox for Service Providers, is used by MSPs from North America, Europe, Australia and other countries. With Databox software, these service providers created self-hosted, fully-branded “Dropbox-alternative” solutions in the service provider’s own data center, within their countries’ digital boundary.

Databox is also widely deployed at enterprise companies such as HP and government organizations such as Lifelabs. With Databox solutions, these enterprise companies and Government organizations turn their existing storage infrastructure into a self-hosted, file sync-and-share solution, under tight enterprise-IT control and with the blessing from CIOs.

In 2016, Databox released 2 versions Databox Connect for Enterprise File-Sync and share, and Databox Protect, a Hybrid based local or cloud Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery solution. The Databox brand will focus on the Enterprise cloud service segment. Databox brand will focus on the private self-hosted market segment

Databox partners include many large cloud storage vendors, such as Amazon, Google Cloud Storage, HP Public Cloud and etc. With Databox connectors for these storage vendors, the joint customers have an easy on-ramp to migrate legacy data to the storage

Our Team

Lyle Melnychuk

Lyle founded Ideal Networks in 2008 with a vision to bring enterprise-grade technology solutions and services to the small and medium-sized businesses in Kamloops, BC (Canada). Under his leadership, Ideal Networks was an eatly adopter of the fixed rate Managed Services Providers (MSP) business model. In May of 2015, Lyle co- founded his second venture, Databox Solutions, a new software-as-a-service business providing cloud backup, data protection, business continuity, and file sync services to Canadian Enterprises.

Brad Wood

Brad Wood is a lifelong entrepreneur with several successful operating enterprises including Interior Vault and the Milton Group of Companies with a strong background in marketing and finance. Brad is a pragmatic, passionate, and tireless entrepreneur, he also brings balance to Ideal Networks. As a devoted advocate for tireless customer service, Brad brings a passionate “customer first” perspective which has helped build the incredible culture at Ideal Networks. Brad co-founded Databox Solutions in May 2015 with Lyle Melnychuk and Matt deFouw

Matt deFouw

Matt deFouw is a founding partner, and has provided key vision and overall design and management expertise for Ideal Networks and numerous technology startups. Matt became an industry leader in infrastructure optimization and began his quest to help businesses of any size transform their IT departments from a cost centre to a business unit. Matt’s ability to combine business goals with technology solutions helps to create peace of mind for Ideal Networks clients. In 2015, Matt co-founded Databox Solutions with Lyle Melnychuk and Brad Wood.